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In the end how cattle X's bag carried only with Christie's auction?
If you are a real handbag fanatics, we must celine bag cheap pay attention to Christie's auction, or that you're a diehard platinum package, then you should not just focus on brand stores. Well-known auction house handbag auction, the focus is more worth knowing. You know, celine bag for cheap where the hammer of every handbag auction, are real appreciation potential collectibles. What kind of handbag worth collecting? Christie was worthy auction? ? ?
Had to get 2 June, handbags auction auction house Christie's International celine bags cheap Plc Christie held in Hong Kong in a purple diamond Porosus alligator Hermès Birkin Hermes Birkin bag was HK $ 1.72 million (about 1.37 million yuan, 22.3 million) auction record high prices, which has become the world's most expensive auction price! ! This Birkin Birkin bag 2014 new, with 18K white gold and diamond celine bags for cheap accessories.
And the main Hermès, Chanel and other big classic rare bags auction, prices are cheap, oh. Senior leather raw materials production, precious metal pieces, original design classic, rare limited edition, fans have become sought after elements celine cheap of the high price of these bags, in fact, some models now will not buy a bag is also extremely sensible valuable collectible. Let's see these bags high value it.
Christie's auction house (CHRISTIE'S, the old translation of celine cheap bag Christie's auction house), one of the world-renowned art auction house. Rarity art auction brought together from around the world, watches, jewelry, cars and other fine wines. Now, the Office of Christie's established distribution in the global total of 90 major cities, and the auction will be held on a regular basis in 16 locations celine cheap bags worldwide.
How to determine whether a bag is worth investment? The first re-brand handbags investment, secondly look at the quality, product phase, style and rarity. How much the frequency of use is not much sense, I am more concerned about the latter part of celine handbags cheap maintenance. Sometimes the handbags used a hundred times, the situation may be even better than five bags in the rain.
Point of view on the current market heat, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Chanel are the hearts of collectors core brands, while Hermes platinum package, Kelly bag and Chanel clamshell package is classic auction standings. Many models can be cheap authentic celine bags described as the ups and downs. For example, we have a very short strap "baguette" handbags (Baguette) has been a smash hit at the beginning of this century, then the momentum has weakened, the current trend seems to have a smooth return. Messenger style increasingly popular in recent years, the backpack is the cheap celine latest trend.
For the value of a collection of handbags, but also for different groups made the following recommendation: for budding collectors, the neutral colors, 28/32 cm 30/35 cm Kelly bag or platinum package is the safer choice. Experienced collectors cheap celine bags should try to find such as Quelle Doll unique handbag. Connoisseurs should look for the finest brand handbags, such as Borneo long kiss alligator platinum package or Kelly bag. If you are enthusiasts, we recommend you to customize an exclusive handbag.
No matter what a luxury, careful work is to get people cheap celine bags online to appreciate the main reason, perhaps to buy a big bag to wait several months or years, not mass production, but from handmade crafts people.
Chanel: You heard it right, each with a Chanel 2.55 handbag need six workers spend 10 hours, after 180 procedures to complete these steps include tailoring, fitting, sewing, and then cut, stitching, fitted with zippers, mosaic buttonhole cheap celine bags uk , sewn buckle, complete, and packaging.
Hermes: Hermes bag production is wearing a leather apron by a single craftsman, holding awl and wax dipped twine, stitch work 72 hours to complete. Hermes bag production uses a unique double saddle stitch needle, this needle can only rely on manual, you cheap celine handbags can not use the machine in place, and therefore Hermes craftsmen trained in a stunt. Dior: the production of a Dior bag need to pay an average of 72-120 hours to five craftsmen. Dior bag selected leather are rare and valuable species, and insisted handmade, unique process. So its 135 kinds of different colors of Dior bag is not just cheap celine handbags online clothing accessories, it is talent, originality of art.
2014 Christie's auction house held more than 120 classic handbag in Hong Kong
November 24, 2014, Christie's auction house in Hong Kong held where to buy cheap celine bags a "Classic Heritage: handbags and accessories" special auction, which is organized by Christie's first such auction in Asia. Live presentation including Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and other brands, including more than 120 classic handbag. Including Celebrex Butterfly House (Bottega Veneta), classic Chanel (Chanel), Hermes cheapest celine bags (Hermès), Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) and other brands, the total turnover of 11.04 million yuan. A graphite color matte Nile crocodile leather Platinum package has become the focus of the day.